Jazztalk At The Maiden City Festival In August 2012

In August 2012 Jazztalk took part in The Maiden City Festival in Derry. The Maiden City Festival introduces new performances and artists within and around the walls of the city during the August holiday period and is a major visitor attraction on the north west’s summer calendar. As always, the line-up promises a home for all those who wish to celebrate drama, music, song or dance. The Festival offers something for everyone and works hard to bring pride and tourist trade to the city. This gig was part of the festival’s culture bite series which is a diverse range of free lunchtime performances in cafés and lunch spots within the city walls everyday from Monday to Friday. The smooth running of the festival would not be possible without the great organisational skills of David Hoey and the organisers and it was a great pity that David could not stay longer and hear the jazz trio but his role means that he can only catch performers for a brief moment.

The festival continues to go from strength to strength and Jazztalk played outside Cafe Del Mondo in the craft village. The trio got a great reception from a very appreciative audience made up of locals and tourists who enjoyed jazz standards and latin classics. Jazztalk hope to play in the festival again next year and to also include a jazz guitar workshop for beginners.

Jazztalk At The City Of Derry Jazz Festival In May 2012

This year saw the birth of a new and exciting jazz duo/trio at The City Of Derry Jazz Festival. That group was Jazztalk. Jazztalk was created by Michael Watters and Jim Meehan who are two guitarists who play jazz standards and keep this wonderful music alive. Featuring Michael Watters on classical guitar, Jim Meehan on archtop jazz guitar and Peter Doherty on doublebass, the trio played a number of gigs during the festival and was very well received. The gig in The Boston Tea Party, Derry was especially memorable as the trio played jazz ballads, swing and bossa nova to a very appreciative group of listeners. The festival brings in many tourists to Derry and we were delighted to be joined by the outstanding American musician and composer Jason Heald who joined us for a few jazz standards.

Jazztalk is a jazz duo/trio based in Northern Ireland and specialises in jazz which is suitable for weddings, special occasions and corporate events. The duo/trio play jazz standards, bossa nova and latin music and also specialise in playing pop standards in a jazz fashion. If it sounds good they will play it in their own inimitable way. Their wide ranging repertoire includes anything from George Gershwin to The Police played in a jazz fashion. The trio continues to go from strength to strength and 2012 promises to be an interesting year with the trio playing at some more music festivals in Ireland and in France in 2013. If you wish to book the duo/trio for a wedding reception, special occasion, corporate event or jazz/music festival please email mcgwatters@hotmail.com or telephone 07821727392. Check out also Michael Watters, Classical/Jazz Guitarist.

It is still good to see that in a world of fast living and mass commercialsim jazz is still finding an audience. There are many people who ask “What is Jazz?” The question would need a lengthy answer but in simple terms we can argue that it is improvised music. Most people will say that it is musicians improvising over jazz standards. The truth is probably somewhere in between. The one thing that is very noticeable in jazz is that if you alienate your audience and play something which is difficult to recognize they quickly switch off. Imagine yourself listening to jazz for the very first time. What would you recognize? What would you remember? Jazztalk is one group you will remember long after the event.